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Norstone Blade Depot carries durable dispersion and mixing blades for industrial and commercial applications include steel, plastic, ... A very popular impeller for high speed mixing up to 200 gallons assuring that material is mixed in all directions. Available in regular and high vein pitch with or without collar and set screw.

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Mixing Impeller Selection There are a multitude of mixing impeller designs available for industrial mixing, miscible liquids blending and solids suspension. Good material flow is essential to successful execution of these processes. Hydrofoil impellers, marine style mixing propellers, axial flow turbines and radial flow turbines are all flow-

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Mixing impellers, Axial Flow Turbines, Radial Flow Turbines, Mixing Propellers, Hydrofoils, Steep Pitch Mixing Propellers, and more. Call us at (812) 202-4047 or contact us through the website to get a same day answer to your question. Free Resources Download Catalog.

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Custom mixing impellers are produced to your specifications supporting your tank geometry and proprietary processes. Available in various materials and sizes. Contact Fusion when you require a unique custom agitator impeller style.

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Mixing impellers for any agitator or blender. Impellers are available in 316/316L stainless steel and other alloys, industrial or sanitary finish available. WMProcess offers any custom fabricated impeller, to meet your specifications.

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Impellers. If there were only one mixing job to do, only one impeller would be required. However, there is a very wide range of problems in agitation, and the best impeller for one application may not be the best impeller for another.

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The present invention relates to impellers and impeller systems for mixing and blending applications and particularly for mixing and blending liquids and liquid suspensions in processes which are constrained by the diameter of the tank in which mixing is carried out and the diameter of the impeller.

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The CounterFlow Impeller platform provides break-through impeller technology for complex fluid mixing. This impeller is ideal for blending of different viscosities and processes where the rheology or viscosity evolves over time such as transitions from laminar to …

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Stirring for blending, emulsification, or solids suspension each have different requirements that certain impeller styles perform better than others. Determine which factors produce the best results in your application, such as achieving a vortex, high or low shear, uniform heat distribution, or aeration.

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In recent years, the requirements for mixing systems in industrial applications have increased steadily. The design of the impellers, the selection of a suitable mixing system, as well as the arrangement of the individual components on the agitator have a decisive influence on the process engineering and mechanical properties.

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Jul 31, 2015· This video, providing the basic principles for selecting an appropriate impeller for blending fluids in a stirred tank is an excerpt from the AIChE Academy eLearning Course "Fluid Mixing ...

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1. Axial Flow Impellers. Axial (down and up) pumping is an important flow pattern because it addresses two of the most common challenges in mixing; solid suspension and stratification.In this process both the superficial and annular velocities can be calculated to determine and control the level of mixing.

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The question to be answered is, w hat is the difference between axial and radial flow impellers? Simply put, Axial patterns run parallel to the blade. Radial patterns run perpendicular to the blade. What Are Mixing Impellers Used For? Impellers are used in mixing tanks for a wide variety of industries and unique applications.

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Apart from the actual mixer, the design of the mixing tank is the single most important factor in producing a successful result in any process. In order to allow optimal performance from a mixer's impeller, it is essential to create an environment that supports both correct impeller positioning and appropriate liquid coverage of the impeller.

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Chemineer's sanitary mixers offer a variety of design configurations, materials and options needed to meet critical sanitary mixing applications and ensure the highest level of sanitary mixing. Chemineer also offers a wide variety of precision-engineered, high-performance impeller options.

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When rotated centrifugal force raises the impellers which open with an outside diameter of 3.5" and create radial flow. Made from corrosion resistant 316SS these impellers give you the mixing you require in those narrow necked laboratory vessels.

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Mixing is a critical process because the quality of the final product and its attributes are derived by the quality of the mix. Improper mixing results in a non-homogenous product that lacks consistency with respect to desired attributes like chemical composition, color, texture, flavor, reactivity, and particle size.

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You are here: Home / Products Mixers & Agitators / Agitator Impellers / Anchor, Gate & Double Helix High Viscosity Impellers ProQuip Anchor Impeller Primarily used in heat transfer applications for viscous systems when vigorous blending is not required.


Power Number (Np) = 0.34 Flow Number (Nq) = 0.5 . The marine propeller is the most common type of mixing impeller. Because the design has its roots in the marine propulsion industry, it is the most effective axial pumper at higher mixing speeds.

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Impellers selected for optimal mixing process using design correlations. Conservative mechanical design criteria utilized and verified with FEA. Complete range of process specific impeller designs. Please click on any of the ProQuip agitator impellers below for more information.


Overview. Sharpe proprietary mixing impellers have been designed from thousands of parameters to arrive at the optimum solution. Extensive application knowledge, laboratory testing, computer analysis and product development ensure that our impeller designs are optimized for Liquid/Liquid, liquid/solid and gas/liquid applications.

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Choose from our selection of mixing impellers, including mixer propellers and shafts, power tool-operated mixers, and more. In stock and ready to ship.


The BioProp is a great impeller for agitators and mixers used in the sanitary and biotech markets. This blending prop provides excellent pumping ability, is self-draining and very easy to clean. Typically built in 316Lss, it provides similar performance to a marine style propeller, but it is fabricated and not cast.

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CHAPTER 9. AGITATION AND MIXING PRESENTATION OUTLINE-Definitions-Purposes of agitation ... • Mixing: It is the random distribution, into and through one another, of two or more initially separate phases ... IMPELLERS • Propellers (high-speed, low viscosity)

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The agitator impeller makes up the other half of a complete mixing system. With an unparalleled commitment to innovation, we optimize the mixer impeller selection and sizing to provide the most effective and efficient mixing for every installation. Our company offers a wide range of sizes and designs of agitator impellers to meet any mixing need.

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Axial Flow Impellers For blending, solids suspension, solids incorporation or draw down, gas inducement, and heat transfer. Custome axial flow impellers may be designed with a different pitch to change the combination of pumping rate and thrust.

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Find out how to choose the right type of impeller for your unique product mixing needs. Together we'll break down four main types of impellers and how they work. How to Choose the Right Impeller

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shorter mixing times Unique Impeller Range for accurate, A6000 Low viscosity flow-controlled applications for hostile environments. The A6000 is a composite con-struction impeller. It uses a high grade vinyl ester resin system with strength and corrosion resistance being key features.

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Hydrofoil impellers, marine style mixing propellers, axial flow turbines and radial flow turbines are all flow-producing impeller designs. The hydrofoil converts most of the motor's energy to liquid flow and is therefore the highest efficiency impeller with the least shear.


When a mixing impeller rotates in the fluid, it generates a combination of flow and shear. The impeller generated flow can be calculated with the following equation: = ∗ ∗ Flow numbers for impellers have been published in the North American Mixing Forum sponsored Handbook of Industrial Mixing.