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The Line Shaft Conveyor is a quiet and efficient live roller conveyor system. These systems are primarily suitable for lighter loads. Each roller is powered individually by spools, which in turn are connected fully by a composite "O" ring or band.

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Choose from our selection of conveyors, including roller conveyors, belt conveyors, and more. In stock and ready to ship. Contact Us Order Activity Punchout Log in, we will send ... Line-Shaft Conveyors Live-Roller Conveyors Shaft-Driven Conveyors Screw ...

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Lineshaft Conveyors basic design utilizes live rollers that are driven by a urethane belt from a drive shaft under the roller bed that runs the length of the conveyor. This belt driven driveshaft is turned by a motor and transmits its rotation via small urethane belts to individual rollers, making it an excellent choice for both transporting ...

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Line shaft conveyor utilizes a drive shaft which runs the length of the conveyor. Torque created in the pulleys, or drive spools, from the rotating shaft is used to power each roller individually. Power is transmitted to each roller from each spool by way of a urethane composition belt.

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Description: Webb-Stiles manufactures a complete line of Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor "CDLR', Belt-Driven Live Roller, and Line-shaft Live Roller Conveyors in a large selection of standards and accessory equipment like turns, transfers, turntables, etc. We can engineer

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Thomas Conveyor provides quality line shaft conveyors. Line shaft conveyors can be used for both transporting and accumulating products. The line shaft conveyor makes use of a drive shaft with shafted spools which run the length of the underside of the conveyor.

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Line Shaft LEWCO has extensive experience designing and manufacturing Lineshaft Conveyor Systems. Our highly knowledgeable staff of Application Engineers limits your risk by assessing your application with you and then recommending a cost effective solution.

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The RBT provides an excellent method of transferring product at 90 degree angles. These transfers can be mounted in line shaft conveyors. The transfer belt is a 3/8" polyurethane belt with an optional reversible direction of flow.

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Optimums range of Incline Line Shaft conveyors are the most economical to purchase, install and maintain making them well suited to the huge expanse of the manufacturing and warehousing industry. Being well proven and the most commonly used Belt Conveyors in the industry our team can assist you with your application.

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These v-belt driven roller conveyors are driven by matching grooved v-belts, which are driven by a conveyor drive motor assembly that can be either side or belly mounted. This innovative combination provides a much more positive drive arrangement than line shaft driven "O-ring" driven rollers.

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Description: Webb-Stiles manufactures a complete line of Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor "CDLR', Belt-Driven Live Roller, and Line-shaft Live Roller Conveyors in a large selection of standards and accessory equipment like turns, transfers, turntables, etc. We can engineer

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Feb 11, 2013· Line shaft conveyors provide reliable 90 degree bi-directional diverting and sorting and are intended for lower rate requirements. ... conveyor manufacturer, roller conveyor, belt conveyors ...

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Choose from our selection of shaft rollers, including roller conveyors, guide rollers, and more. In stock and ready to ship. Contact Us ..., preventing wear on the belt. Spools for ... Replace the spools that hold round belts in place on line-shaft conveyors.

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May 27, 2018· Lineshaft Conveyor Belt and Belts - Dura-Belt. Standard 83A Line Shaft Belts (clear or orange color): Made from Cyclothane-A or Cyclothane-E. Standard diameters are 1/8" (3.2mm), 5/32" (4mm), 3/16" ... A failure analysis was performed on the shaft of a conveyor belt drive pulley. of the failed shaft revealed that it failed in the ...

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Stretched 12% to 15% -- produces 70% to more drive tension than standard line shaft belts. 3/16" (5mm) belt moves boxes weighing up to 36 lbs/roller (16 kg/roller). 7/32" (5.6mm) belt moves boxes weighing up to 44 lbs/roller (20 kg/roller). 1/4" (6mm) belt moves boxes weighing up to 50 lbs/roller (23 kg/roller).Can practically double your ...

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Lineshaft roller conveyor explained, the single shaft runs below the rollers running the length of the conveyor, on the shaft is a series of spools, and one spool for each roller. There is a belt, made of elastic polyutherane, that forms like a letter O and that is where the o-ring belt was made, this belt runs from a spool on the powered shaft ...

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Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors. A conveyor line basically unaffected by extreme heat and cold, making them ideal for transporting product through ovens or freezers. The open area of a wire mesh belt facilitates effectiveness in cooling, coating, draining, heating and drying processes.

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Easily expandable and portable, these conveyors can be shaped and installed anywhere. During the assembly line, a ball transfer table allows workers to easily rotate heavy products and gain access to all sides with minimal effort. ... Powered Belt Conveyors (98) Powered Roller Conveyors (13) Replacement Conveyor Belts (2108) Roller Conveyors ...

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Belt Conveyor (9) Belt Driven Live Roller Conveyor (1) Chain Driven Live Roller (1) Flexible Conveyor (3) Gravity Conveyors (5) Line Shaft Driven Conveyor (1) Parts Conveyor (1) Power Roller Conveyor (1) Spiral Conveyor (1)

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Lineshaft Driven Live Roller Conveyor An Energy Efficient Means of Conveying ... A True Grit Packaging Line 310.pdf Helix Lineshaft Conveyor 301.pdf ... The basic design employs rollers which are independently driven by a urethane belt from a common drive shaft.

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Online GP Catalog : Click on the link to view or RIGHT-CLICK and "Save target as..." to download. ... Light Duty Line Shaft Driven Live Roller Conveyor. 738LSC. Light Duty Line Shaft Driven Curve Module . ... Open Bed Style Wire Mesh Belt Conveyor . PC-F. Parts Conveyor with Feeder . PC.

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Innovative Conveyor Concepts- Line Shaft Conveyors ICC has a complete line of line shaft conveyor and line shaft modules. Line shaft have a unique design which allows curves, spurs, and straight sections to be driven by a single drive. Line shaft applications are limited by …

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Versatile, reliable and quiet line-shaft-driven live roller conveyor All XenoROL conveyors are economical to install and maintain because of their efficient drive design. The more complex the configuration of conveyors, transfers, and devices, the fewer drives are required in comparison to other types of material handling systems.

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"SHD" Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt: Designed and built exclusively from Texas Rubber Supply to compete with the most popular "Tier 2" belts as described by the Rubber Manufacturers Association. ... a window to replace a belt line, and a mechanism for scheduling minimized downtime. ... Available in a wide variety of styles — troughing ...

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Roach line shaft driven curve, module 796LSC, features tapered rollers to help maintain product orientation and is designed to be driven from 796LS line shaft driven conveyor, thus reducing the overall number of drives required.

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Two-piece Split-Spools for Line-shaft conveyors (shaft driven conveyors) quickly replaces standard, one-piece line-shaft spool pulleys. Eliminates the need to disassemble the conveyor to replace spools. Saves hours of labor and conveyor downtime. Red spools are standard size. Green spools are speed-up size. Both fit TGW Ermanco's spool connectors.

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A line shaft is a power driven rotating shaft for power transmission that was used extensively from the Industrial ... In this configuration the belt could be maneuvered onto the idler to stop power transmission or onto the solid pulley to convey the power. ... Lineshaft roller conveyor – uses a long shaft to drive a series of rollers ...

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A lineshaft roller conveyor or line-shaft conveyor is, as its name suggests, powered by a shaft beneath rollers. These conveyors are suitable for light applications up to 50 kg such as cardboard boxes and tote boxes. A single shaft runs below the rollers running the length of the conveyor.

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Line shaft Conveyor or also know as Powered Rollers Conveyors and can be used when a straight forward Belt Conveyor fails to meet the requirements. For example when the product needs to be transported around bends.

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BC double groove o-ring belt conveyor roller,line shaft drive roller with 48.6mm dia.1.5mm wall tubes . US $2-25 / Piece . 50 Pieces (Min. Order) 1 YR . Wuxi Better Conveyor …